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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Reformation: Foundational truths to Christian Faith

At this time of year, the Reformation is spoken of often. But you may have forgotten from your history class what the Reformation was really all about. The Reformation is typically identified with five concise terms — these phrases denote the gospel truths that the leaders of the Reformation fought and gave their lives to defend and protect. They are truths that are still foundational for biblical ministry today:

• Sola Scriptura — Scripture alone is the sole and final authority for life and godliness.

• Sola Christus — Christ alone is the mediator between God and man through His work on the cross.

• Sola Gratia — Grace alone is the reason for salvation; man does not merit and cannot earn the favor of God.

• Sola Fide — Faith alone is the mechanism by which the free gift of salvation is received. Justification from God is realized only through faith.

• Soli Deo Gloria — The glory of God alone is the purpose for which all things are done.

In a word, the Reformation was about the gospel. It was about returning to a Biblical understanding of how men are saved and brought and kept in right fellowship with God.  And the gospel is so very important, as Stephen Nichols notes:

“The things that matter most to us all center on the gospel. The church simply can’t afford to forget the lesson of the Reformation about the utter supremacy of the gospel in everything the church does.…If he said it once, Martin Luther said it a hundred times: ‘The church’s true treasure is the gospel.’” [The Reformation.]

So the Reformation was about the gospel, and the Reformation was important because it was about the gospel.

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